Why Evosavedmyday?

Evolution saves the day for captains and crew, every day. This is the Evo mission and why Evolution exists.  With the #EVOSAVEDMYDAY campaign we want to launch a key message that crew can identify with. Our main objective is to take on their/your problems as our own and help them/you find solutions.

From the stressed chef with demanding guests and last minute requests, or the Chief Stewardess who is rushing to get the boat ready for owners at short notice; to the Chief Engineer who urgently needs someone to repair an issue with the main engine in order to leave the shipyard.

With our brand new #EVOSAVEDMYDAY campaign our commitment is save those risky situations, because thanks to our dedication and our capabilities we make any mission possible, turning an anxious situation into a resolved situation.
Because we simply love our job.  Because we are here to save your day.

How do we save your day

  • Offering both local supplies and technical spares from anywhere in the world.
  • Trying at length to locate even the tiniest of pieces.
  • Using in-depth knowledge of the local market.
  • Working with a dedication to problem-solving.


  • Making their own produce.
  • Ensuring quality, freshness and value by sourcing products from the best wholesalers.
  • Promising dedicated service to our chefs OR the galley department.
  • Understanding that the galley is where the yacht happiness begins.


  • Always in pursuit of the “finest” products and services.
  • Offering a wide range of crew and guest items, from housekeeping products needed on a daily basis to specific or rare guest requests.
  • Paying attention to both the client and detail.
  • Pre-empting the thoughts and needs of the interior team.


  • Ensuring smooth service for all Pursers´, Captains´ and Chief Stewardess´ needs.
  • Available morning, noon & night – your emergency is our emergency.
  • Delivering medical, transportation, accommodation, immigration, travel, event-organizing and reservation services at your request.
  • Putting ourselves in crew’s shoes and simply loving our job.


  • Handling all your shipments with care; we are logistics lovers
  • Understanding how important it is for our customer’s supply chain to remain as consistent as possible.
  • Packaging, quoting, shipping, tracking, receiving and storing and delivering for your convenience.
  • Dealing with the challenges and complications of international logistics.


  • Ensuring total peace of mind when entering Spanish waters.
  • Presenting a clear picture of local regulations and legislation regarding “Port Arrival concerns” for Captains and Management teams.
  • Advising on yacht clearance and immigration procedures.
  • Dealing with port authorities to turn an unbearable situation into an advantage for the vessel.


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Comic Strips

  • Happysode02


    Have you ever forgotten something at the very last minute? That´s why Evolution understands we need to be one step ahead – so don’t panic!! Thanks to our in depth knowledge of your needs and to our amazing capabilities we are able to put ourselves in your shoes and know exactly what you need to save your day.
Running out of toilet paper in the middle of the ocean would not be fun… READ NOW

  • Happysode01


    Once again, we did it! Whenever you feel trouble brewing in the engine room you don ́t need (to call on) superpowers to help you out! “Puff!!”, “Pats!!” and “Smashs!!” are not a problem – with our amazing capabilities we are here to back you up wherever you are! READ NOW

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April 15, 2016 at 10:59 am

Welcome to our blog! The first EvoBlog, launched in unison with our new #EVOSAVEDMYDAY campaign using the comic-book theme as a dynamic and creative way to portray the evosavedmyday situations, and linked of course with the superhero universe. We decided on this style because it…

March 21, 2016 at 10:34 am

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Here’s a “small” selection of superheroes created by Marvel or DC Comics. Each one has his/her own superpowers and he/she strives to do as much good as possible, and abide by their own a moral code to use their powers for benefit of others. CLICK…


Ryan Davies

Your weekly reminder emails whilst we were docked in Barcelona regarding the stamping In/Out of our crew members requiring Schengen Visas is a huge help preventing any issues where we would need saving in the first place! Thanks!!!

There was one instance that comes to mind where Evo definitely saved the day. It was with a Schengen crew member that got stuck in transit without a transit visa in Germany joining the boat. A quick email and a form or two later and Evo helped get him to us without disrupting our schedule.

Chief Officer M/Y ACE

Paul Rhys Williams

Love my “special” agents! No mission has ever been turned down and even the most difficult and bizarre have always been accomplished!

Engineer Motoryacht 45m+